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March 2018

ECom Media UK Ltd has now successfully upgraded to the new ISO 27001 standard. External auditors have assessed our controls/procedures and awarded the standard.

August 2017

How do you communicate with an R&B superstar?

Give ECom Media a call! When Sony Music wanted to discuss their latest project with music icon Stevie Wonder, they asked us to turn the details into Braille. And when they wanted to congratulate him on his fortieth anniversary tour of "Songs in the Key of Life" we were asked to send them in Braille. You may not need to send greetings to a soul legend, but we can still help you to get your message through to your customers. So, whether you want to call to say you love them, or simply tell them they're the sunshine in your life, please get in touch with us and we'll help you with your communication needs.

Our security standards - April 2017

We are delighted to announce the completion of a recent yearly audit of our security and IT systems. The audit noted that we "continue understanding the risks and the requirements of ISO 27001". No corrective action has been identified as a result, which is an excellent outcome, and ensures that all our clients can enjoy assurance that their data and information is secure.

Our quality standards - February 2017

We are pleased to confirm the recent successful audit of our quality accreditation award (ISO 9001). This ensures clients always receive a high standard of service and product, and gives individuals, companies and organisations greater assurance that we can assist and enhance their accessible format needs.

A New Accessible Information Standard – 1st August 2016

This requires all organisations that provide NHS care to ensure that people who have a disability are provided with information that can be easily read and understood, allowing effective communication with their service providers. The NHS organisations that are required to follow the new standard include NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, GP practices and dental surgeries providing NHS services.

Due to this new requirement, we have recently been receiving a lot of work from UK dentists and NHS trusts, requiring information in accessible formats. Whether it’s information about practices, price lists, even “what to do in an emergency”, we’ve been helping them through their teething problems of implementing the new Accessible Information Standard from 1st August 2016.

Examples of the types of support that should be made available for patients are large print text, Braille, audio, easy read and British Sign Language. We are experts at providing high quality products in all of these formats, enhancing the reputation of our clients, as well as enabling effective communication with their patients. 

“Just received our order. They look great – thank you! It’s amazing what you guys can do over there.” – Derbyshire dental practice, on their Braille documents.

For more information on the Accessible Information Standard, please go to

For more information on what ECom Communications can do to help you meet the new standard, please call 01825 765999 or email us today.

Quality Standards - March 2016

We are pleased to confirm the recent successful audit of our quality accreditation ISO 9001. This ensures our clients always receive a high standard of service and product, and gives individuals, companies and organisations greater assurance that we can assist and enhance their communication needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

ECom are flying high… - 17th November 2015

…and so are visually-impaired passengers in the North of England, thanks to our new partnership with a leading UK airline flying to national and international destinations.

Our innovative new tactile product allows passengers with a visual impairment to orientate themselves within the aeroplane cabin. As part of the check-in process, passengers who are blind or partially sighted will be presented with a tactile outline of the aeroplane. The outline is in the shape of the aeroplane, including the tail and wings, as well as details of the seats and other features, with braille descriptions provided alongside. This means that the passengers know not only where they’re sitting on the plane, but how their position relates to the toilets, emergency exits and even the galley, helping to improve their comfort and confidence during the flight.

Designed by our in-house experts, these tactile outlines of the three main aeroplane types in the fleet have been created at the request of the airline, to assist their blind and partially-sighted passengers in feeling comfortable while on board, whether their destination is in the UK, or further afield in mainland Europe.

This is just another example of how we’re helping major companies to assist their blind and partially-sighted customers to enjoy a better and safer experience, every day. Please phone or email us, to find out how we can help you to do so today.

Keeping customers mobile everyday - 6th July 2015

For somebody with a visual impairment, an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends is by using their mobile phone, for chatting, texting, or checking email and the internet. But how can they keep track of their call charges and mobile phone plan details?

That’s where we come in, providing accessible versions of their latest bills so that they remain in control and know exactly when and how their charges are calculated.

We can provide braille, audio or large print versions for people who would prefer a different format to the original. Coloured paper, bold, extra-large text – whatever the customer wants, we can provide, to make their life just that little bit easier.

That’s why we are delighted to announce our recent agreement with a global mobile phone services company to provide all of their large print, braille and audio requirements.

We believe that our ongoing investment in our software and systems is making a significant difference. For example, our text-to-speech automated transcription service for bills in audio format, and direct transfer of transcription requests to our secure server, has reduced turnaround times, increased security and ensures a timely and cost-efficient service for our clients.

From mobile phone bills to festival programmes, maths revision workbooks to utility bills, and insurance documents to annual reports, we’ve got your accessibility needs covered.

So whether you’ve got a thirty-page phone bill or a single-sided letter (or something in between), call or email our friendly sales staff to discuss your needs, we will be happy to help.

Our security standards - 14th April 2015

We are delighted to announce the completion of a recent audit of our security and IT systems. The audit noted that we "display excellent understanding of the risks" and have "paid due diligence to the requirements of ISO 27001". The conclusion was that "no corrective actions have been identified as a result". This is an excellent outcome, coming after significant investments in our systems, which ensures that all our clients can enjoy assurance that their data and information is secure.

Our quality standards - 10th February 2015

We are pleased to confirm the recent successful audit of our quality accreditation award (ISO 9001). This ensures our clients always receive a high standard of service and product, and gives individuals, companies and organisations greater assurance that we can assist and enhance their communication needs.

The ever-increasing demand for Braille…  - 27th November 2014

What do a letter, a user guide and a university prospectus have in common? We’ve produced all of them, in Braille, in the last five days. And that’s not all – we’ve also produced bills, statements, reports, booklets, leaflets…the list is endless. Basically, if it’s written, we can produce it in Braille for your visually impaired customers. In order to meet this ongoing demand for Braille documents, we have recently purchased four brand-new Braille embossing machines, which increases our Braille-producing capacity to almost 2,000 pages per hour. This will allow us to meet the needs of our existing and new customers now and throughout 2015. So, if we can help, just get in touch or chat to us online.

Sign Language Translators - 9th October 2014

Are you looking for a company that can take care of your sign language translation needs? Then look no further than ECom Communications. Based in Uckfield in East Sussex, this established company works with businesses throughout the UK to ensure that their corporate and marketing communications are accessible to the visually impaired. ECom Communications has a robust client base that continues to expand as its reputation grows. To find out more about the company, pay the website a visit today.

Getting Information Packs Translated - 28th August 2014

Do you have marketing literature that needs to be converted for various audiences? Your business and marketing communications must be accessible to everyone if you are to stay on the right side of the law. ECom Communications can help you to convert your documents into various formats. Whether you’re looking for Braille, large print or audio materials, ECom Communications can help, and have years of experience behind them. Their services are swift and cost-efficient, with some materials being ready for despatch within just one working day. Documents that can be translated include magazines, brochures and utility bills to name but a few.

Resources for All

The team’s staff are experts in their field. Your branding can easily be added to the materials, and the team are always on hand to answer any questions that you might have about their services. All work is completed to the highest standards, and the company is renowned for its exceptional customer service. Pricing is both flexible and competitive and the company have been able to produce materials for businesses from a huge range of sectors. Why not get in touch with the team if you’re hoping to get information packs translated. Head to the website to find out more.

Audio Translation - 2nd June 2014

Impairment of any of our senses puts us in a vulnerable position - if someone has gradually lost one of their existing senses - perhaps sight or hearing has faded - it is sadly the case that the sufferer will no longer have the ability to access all the sources of communication they were previously able to. Imagine one day being able to read a book for yourself and as your sight fades, losing this ability? Not only is this difficult to adjust to but can be upsetting for the sufferer.

Did you know that in fact within the United Kingdom there are around 2 million people living with sight loss with 335,000 adults and 25,000 children registered as blind or partially sighted? This is a significant number and each of these individuals is in a position where they have less access to information, news and entertainment.

But there are methods to making communications available to the visually impaired. As a publisher, writer or business, making your work and essential information accessible to the partially sighted and blind is both socially responsible and incredibly useful! The ideal method for communication for anyone with limited sight is through audio - easy to use, clear and concise - a wide array of information can be described via this medium including illustrations and charts making them widely accessible. 

ECom Communications are able to offer outstanding, high quality audio translation. Produced in broadcast quality studios, each recording will use sound effects, sectioning and tone indexing to guide the listener through the recording.

For accessible communications including audio translation, contact the friendly team today at

June 2014

ECom expands again.

With the workload increasing, ECom have expanded their offices to double the transcription space, purchased new IT equipment, hired new employees and is working a longer shift system to meet our clients requirements and deadlines. The additional resources allows us a continued increase in productivity and output.

Braille Transcription - 5th May 2014

Traditionally businesses who are looking promote their establishment and what they can offer their clients produce a range of literature to illustrate the benefits of working with the company. Communications through newsletters, sales leaflets, technical booklets and guides are all popular methods of highlighting the features and benefits of the business, services or products available.   

Did you know that by law your business communications need to be accessible to everyone? Converting documents into formats accessible to those with visual or learning impairments not only reflects well on your business but increases your customer base but making your information available to a wider audience.

It is estimated in statistics from the Royal National Institute of the Blind that there are over 18,000 active Braille users in the UK. There are two forms - grade 1 in which each letter is reproduced and grade 2 in which a shorthand version where symbols replace certain words making the document quicker to read, this can include tables and graphs. Converting your promotional literature with Braille Transcription will make information on your business accessible to a wider audience.

ECom Communications are the leading company in production of alternative format communications, from braille transcription to large print or audio. With quick turnaround times, outstanding service and highly professional employees, you are guaranteed fantastic results every time.

Contact the friendly team today at

Braille Transcription services available from ECom Communications - 20th April 2014

With an estimated 18,000 Braille readers in the UK having documents in a format they can readily understand has never been more important. ECom Communications have a Braille transcription service and are able to produce all of your materials into Braille. This includes policy documents, letters, bills, or anything else that you might need a transcription of. Braille users rely on the use of Braille in exactly the same way that a sighted person relies on being able to read the letters, this is why it is important to have all of your printed materials available to them in a format they can use.

ECom uses 120gsm card for their Braille transcription, this card is embossed on both sides making the final document lighter and easier to manage for the end user.

As many documents contain both graphics and text the Braille transcription service provided by ECom translates all the graphics within the document, including charts, graphs, and tables, into a form that can be easily understood by the Braille user. Their highly experienced Braille transcription team are able to ensure that Braille readers are able to easily comprehend all your documents, and get the experience they deserve from all your communications. ECom do not only make documents, but they are also able to create labels and embossing for you. Contact them today to discuss all of your Braille transcription needs, they will be delighted to assist you.

March 2014

From months of hard work, ECom have managed to obtain a major mailing to all over the UK, with over 35,000 people mailed within a timeframe of less than 5 days. Cindy Duchesne, Company Director stated, "I am so proud of our automation & production resources to fulfil this order. We are a company that exceeds in every way, from point of contact, project management to continued after sales, this order exceeded our client's expectations".

February 2014

The BS ISO 27001 Information Security Management System has been successfully audited from an external accredited body. The successful annual audit further underlines our commitment to the importance of Information Security for our clients, to protect corporate information, data and manage threats from internal and external issues with preventative and corrective actions.

For further information please contact our ISMS Manager at, in confidence of course.

January 2014 - Happy New Year

Company Director, Cindy Duchesne comments, “Happy New Year to all our customers & clients and we are all very excited about this year. We have obtained many new contracts and orders over the past few months, which has been a lot of hard work, but worth it. Our continued investment and expansion in the company allows a faster and higher output of our print, Braille and media duplication. Let’s see what is in store for us this year.”

For further information, questions or queries please contact Cindy Duchesne (





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